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Object Info
Object Name NGC3572
Type Cluster and Nebulosity;
Centered at: RA: 11h 10m 33.5s Dec: -6015'00"
Constellation Carina
Magnitude Cluster 6.6. Nebulosity ?
Size Cluster 7.0', Nebulosity ?
Distance 7,500 light years
Age Cluster: 13 million years
Image Field 68'82" x 102'09"
Notes This is a HaHaG(B) Image.
The Blue channel was derived from the Ha and Green by B = 2Ha - G.
A Schuler (10nm) Hydrogen Alpha Filter was used.

William-Optics Minus-Violet filter used for all exposures.
Taken from: Tin Shed Observatory
Gold Coast, Queensland
Long - Lat = 153:23.54E - 27:56.8S
On: 8-3-2003

Image Info
Telescope Synta 102mm f5 Achromat Refractor
Focal Length 500 millimetres
Telescope guiding Pixcel 255 at 2800mm (C11)
Telescope control Astrometric Sky Walker II
CCD camera SBIG ST-10xe
Camera cooling Regulated Thermoelectric
Camera pixels 2184 x 1472 x 6.8um
Image scale 2.8 arcseconds per pixel unbinned
Processed with: Mira A/P, Maxim DL, AIP4Win, CCDSharp, Photoshop
Hydrogen Alpha Exposures Ha = 125 minutes taken as 3-minutes unbinned.
Image Calibrations All sub-images Dark Subtracted, Flat Fielded.