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Object Info
Objects NGC6559 (The brightest component), IC4685 The large diffuse nebula north of 6559, B303 (The dark S-Shaped lane).
Type Emission Nebula, Reflection Nebula, Bok Nebula
Centered at: RA:18 09.6 Dec: -23 58
Constellation Sagittarius
Magnitude ? Dim
Size ?
Distance ?
Age ?
Dimensions Ngc6559 - 8 x 5 arcminutes, IC4685 - 10 x 8 arcminutes
Image Field 27'45" x 18'46"
Taken from: Tin Shed Observatory
Gold Coast, Queensland
Long - Lat = 153:23.54E - 27:56.8S
On: 20th-April-2003, 3rd-May-2003

Image Info
Telescope Celestron C11 @ f6.6
Focal Length 1840 millimetres
Telescope guiding Ha was guided with ST5c on 102mm Synta f5 + Meade 2x Barlow (1000mm)
RGB images were self-guided with AO7.
Telescope control Astrometric Sky Walker II
CCD camera SBIG ST-10xe
Camera cooling Regulated Thermoelectric
Camera pixels 2184 x 1472 x 6.8um
Image scale 0.76 arcseconds per pixel
Processed with: Mira A/P, Maxim DL, AIP4Win, CCDSharp, Photoshop
Hydrogen Alpha Exposures Ha = 75 minutes taken as 5-minute unbinned subimages.
Image Calibrations All sub-images Dark Subtracted, Flat Fielded.