The Great Carina Nebula The Great Carina Nebula is an enormous and spectacular emission region in the southern constellation of Carina.
Estimated to be between 6,500 and 10,000 light years away, this is one of the largest and brightest nebula in our sky

The Photo: contains 48 hours of exposures across 18 individual 3-megapixel photographs taken with a cooled astronomical camera looking through a Hydrogen-alpha filter which passes light from the nebula and rejects earth-based light-pollution. After assembly into a single high-resolution black and white mosaic, a second natural colour image was blended to produce the final result shown here.

Telescope: A Maksutov-Newtonian telescope , having 190mm diameter mirror at f/6, or 900mm focal length.

Camera: SBIG ST10XE. Thermo-electrically cooled astronomical CCD camera.

The Print: is a high-resolution archival-quality print onto 250GSM gloss photographic paper

The Frame: is very durable black aluminium with 1mm clear UV-protected polycarbonate (no glass).

Photographer: Eddie Trimarchi

Available in two sizes, A2: 594 x 420mm and A3: 420 x 297mm

Available Sizes

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