The Horsehead nebula in Orion The Horsehead Nebula in Orion is one of the few nebula that actually looks like it's name suggests. To the left of the Horsehead is the bright Orion belt star Zeta-Orionis, which has to it's left, the Christmas Tree nebula. The entire area is filled with turbulent clouds of hydrogen gas.

Telescope: Apochromatic Refractor telescope , having 106mm diameter lens at f3.7, or 392mm focal length.

Camera: SBIG ST10XE. Thermo-electrically cooled astronomical CCD camera.

The Print is a high-resolution archival-quality print onto 250GSM gloss photographic paper

The Frame is very durable black aluminium with 1mm clear UV-protected polycarbonate (no glass).

Photographer: Eddie Trimarchi

Available in two sizes, A2: 594 x 420mm and A3: 420 x 297mm

Available Sizes

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