The Lagoon Nebula The Lagoon Nebula is 5,000 light years away and 110 light years across. It is also one of the few nebula faintly visible to the naked eye. This photo shows 50 light years across the center of the nebula and covers half a degree of sky or roughly, a full moon width.

The Photo was taken using narrowband Hydrogen-alpha, Sulphur-II and Oxygen-III filters which when combined into RGB using the so-called Hubble Palette, highlight intricate combinations of gas in what would appear predominantly red hydrogen in a normal visible-light image.

Telescope: a Ritchey-Chretien telescope with 406mm diameter mirror at f/7 with a focal length of 2.8 metres.

Camera: 3056 x 3056 x 12 pixel Apogee Alta U9000, thermo-electrically cooled astronomical CCD camera.

The Print is a high-resolution archival-quality print onto 250GSM gloss photographic stock

The Frame is very durable black aluminium with 1mm clear UV-protected polycarbonate (no glass).

Photographer: Eddie Trimarchi

Available as sizes (A2) 594 x 420mm and (A3) 420 x 297mm

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