Full Moon at Perigee The moon is at Perigee once every month, but it not always positioned so that it appears full to us, at the same time. When the moon is full at Perigee, it has come to be known as a Super Moon, as this one from July 2014. The moon also has many subtle colours radiating from it. These are created by sunlight reflecting from minerals, mainly titanium and iron, in the lunar soil. These colours will exist in most colour pictures of the moon, but require special saturation processing to bring them out. Putting all these together and we have this, Colourful Supermoon.

Telescope: A Ritchey-Chretien telescope , having 250mm diameter mirror at f/6, or 1.5 meter focal length.

Camera: Canon EOS 5D MkII

The Print is a high-resolution archival-quality print onto 250GSM gloss photographic paper

The Frame is very durable black aluminium with 1mm clear UV-protected polycarbonate (no glass).

Photographer: Eddie Trimarchi

Available in two sizes, A2: 594 x 420mm and A3: 420 x 297mm

Available Sizes

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