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Object Info
Picture of: A widefield HaRGB mosaic of the Eta Carina Nebula
Center: RA 11h 01m 17s, DEC -59d 50' 29"
Constellation: Carina
Image Field: Approx 150 by 120 arcminutes
Taken from: TSO
153:23:25E 27:55:53S
When: Every clear night in May 2008.

Image Info
Technical Notes: This is an 18-panel Ha mosaic LRGB blended with a single lower-res RGB image. Total Exposure time: 48+ hours.
Ha Telescope: Intes MN61. 6" f6 (900mm)
Ha Camera SBIG ST-10XE with 6nm Astrodon Ha filter
RGB Telescope William Optics 66SD, 66mm f6 (396mm) APO refractor w/ Baader Planetarium MPCC
RGB Camera QHY8 6MP, One Shot Colour camera
Mounting Paramount ME
Processed with: CCDSharp, Photoshop
Ha, RGB (OSC) Exposures Ha,RGB = 150 (per panel), 240 minutes unbinned
Number of images per panel Ha,RGB = 10, 18 total for RGB
Sub-Exposures per panel 15 minutes Ha, 10 minutes RGB