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Object Info
Picture of: Open cluster Pismis 17 in emission nebula Gum 34b within the larger RCW54 complex.
Center: RA 11h 01m 17s, DEC -59d 50' 29"
Constellation: Carina
Image Field: Approx 90 by 50 arcminutes
Taken from: TSO
153:23:25E 27:55:53S
On Dates: 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 10th, 16th, 19th, 23rd, 25th, 26th-May-2007

Image Info
Technical Notes: This is a 3-panel HaHaGB mosaic using Ha as the Red channel in an RGB image with Green and Blue.
And with further Ha blending into the Luminance channel.
Total Exposure time: 21 hours.
Telescope Intes MN61. 6" f6
Focal Length 900mm
CCD camera SBIG ST10xe
Camera temperature -10C
Camera pixels 2184 x 1472 x 6.8um
Image scale 1.5 arcsecond per pixel
Processed with: Mira Ap 6, PixInsight V1.0 Beta, Photoshop
Ha, Green, Blue Exposures HaHaGB = 390,60,60,60 minutes unbinned for each mosaic panel
Number of images Ha,G,B = 26,4,12,12 for each mosaic panel
Sub-Exposures 15 minutes Ha, 5 minutes G,B