Astronomy images taken with an SBIG ST10xe
All images are © Eddie Trimarchi

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Latest Images

NGC1955 and 1929 area in the LMC

Henize 70 in the LMC

NGC1962 area in the LMC

NGC1929 area in the LMC

NGC2032 area in the LMC

NGC1910 area in the LMC

Sharpless 2-15 An emission region in Scorpius

Ic2948 - Emission Nebula in Carina

NGC3576 & 3603 - Emission Nebula in Carina

NGC2070 - The Tarantula Nebula in Dorado

RCW106 - Emission Region in Norma

RCW105 - Emission Region in Norma

NGC2359 - Thors Helmet in Canis Major

Milky Way Mosaic

The Gum nebula in Vela/Puppis

Heart of the Orion Nebula


Carina and Centaurus

Scorpius, Ara and Norma

IC4628 in Scorpius

The Helix Nebula HiRes

Eagle Nebula Widefield

Swan Nebula Widefield

Dark Cloud in Scorpius

NGC6188 - Nebula in Ara

IC2948 - The Bat Nebula in Centaurus

NGC6334 - Cats Paw Nebula in Scorpius

NGC6357 - Nebula in Scorpius

M8 - The Lagoon Nebula

M16 in Serpens

Ngc2736 in Vela

Ngc6559 in Sagittarius

NGC3572 in Carina

Close up around NGC3576 in Carina

At least 7 NGC objects in Carina

NGC3372 - The Keyhole Nebula

Vela Supernova Remnant

Tarantula Nebula in Ha

Horsehead Nebula in Ha

M42 in Orion